From the outside designing a data center appears to be a purely mechanical process. For many this mechanical process simple incorporates the layout of the area, computations to determine equipment capacities, and innumerable other engineering details. However, a data center design is much more than just the result of a mechanical process. The technical details of course are of great value in the process of designing and creation of a data center, but they alone cannot create anything that is useful.

While there are many things that need to be considered as far as the design of a data center goes, the prime one is to make sure that you keep the design as simple as possible. The simpler the design of your data center, the more easy it is going to be to understand and manage the same. A basic design that has simplicity as its key feature enables working with great ease and convenience.

Data Center Design

Say for instance you label all the components and their location on the data center, there is absolutely no scope for confusion. So when people are working on a machine, they know well in advance where everything on that machine should be plugged in. other than that verifications of the work becomes much simpler. And in case the machine develops a problem, it would be much easier to rectify the problem.

After simplicity, flexibility is another factor that the design of your data center must incorporate. One needs to understand that technology is something that is constantly evolving. Five years down the line, the technology you have installed might be completely outdated. Thus it lies best in the interest of a business that its design has great scope for flexibility and can be upgraded with ease. A flexible design ensures that it is going to work for the business on a long-term basis.

Cost effectiveness is yet another facet that needs to be considered while designing a data center. Every decision you take as regards the design is going to affect the budget in some or the other way. The mission of the center has a great impact on judging the cost effectiveness of your data center. For instance a company may plan a data center to run mission critical applications, while the other may deploy it for testing large-scale configurations.

Scalability is yet another factor that you must take note of. Whether the data center operates within 2,000, 20,000, or 2,000,000 square foot, the design should wok extremely well in all cases. A little consideration into all these factors can help you come up with a great data center design. Some other factors that you need to consider are a modular design and sanity.