Given that physical access to data centers has to be minimized from the security viewpoint, web-based software applications were evolved to work as remote data center management systems. These diverse applications are meant to not only provide distinctly measurable performance benefits, but they automate tasks, have built-in intelligence features. They even have functionality that was not available hitherto.

Data center management systems provide efficiency gains and advantages in the area of data center operations. They offer distinct change management benefits in the areas of capacity planning, optimization, and environmental management. Use of these software applications enables break even to be reached in a short time after their purchase. This is because they offer very good return on investment.

Data Center Management Systems

Use of these software applications enables you to adopt consistent and uniform best practice standards throughout your data center environment. The applications, most of which offer Web-based access, offer benefits in the management of distributed technological facilities and storage systems.

Some of the software applications help you resolve challenges in the areas of asset optimization and lifecycle management. Some other software systems help you resolve issues faced in datacenter power phasing and power ceiling.

Equipment diversity minimization is another area that some of the software applications can help resolve. Some of the applications are fully geared to help you in data center capacity planning and optimal utilization of data center floor space. Yet some others help you resolve issues with network management and mapping.

Data center reporting is another important facet of management that most of the software applications are equipped to handle. They help you to know the status of all important points in the form of check lists. This feature helps you to know the areas which require your attention at the click of a button.

By automating most of the tasks, the web-based software applications save you time and effect cost savings in the bargain. By virtualizing servers, some of the path-breaking software applications provide you a data access multiplier-effect by effective utilization of available hardware resources. Virtualization is especially beneficial if you have space constraints for housing your servers or you want flexibility in the effective utilization of resources.

Although, there are so many benefits of using software applications to monitor and manage most of the systems used in data centers, there are certain problem areas. Lack of expertise, single point of failure, and difficulty in managing virtual servers or associated power or cooling issues are some of the areas that can be resolved through training on such management tools and systems.

Training will go a long way in resolving the problematic areas and also provide experience to your personnel in using data center management systems. Hands-on experience under supervision can pave the way for you to develop your executives in easily monitoring and managing your data center.