The security of a data center is one of the prime challenges that lay ahead if you are operating a data center. There are several issues pertaining to the security of the data center each day. Some of the common data center security issues include managing security data, dealing with internal security threats, patch management and virus prevention amidst many others. Here is an insight into some of these common issues that you may face on a day to day basis.

Managing security data is one of the most common issues that crops up every now and then. There is a lot of security data that is being generated in a data center each day. Managing this data is no easy task. The management of this data further becomes more difficult because of the reason that for all round protection the organization needs to manage security data, which is managed by various security devices along with the data that is provided by other network event. An alteration in the configuration of the data center server, any network device and various storage devices also need to be manned carefully.

Data Center Security

For the purpose of managing security data, enterprises make use of network management software. This network management software helps monitor network events and even makes alterations in management software to log changes. For further assistance there are security event management (SEM/SIM) products that assist in filtration of security events and give more relevant information that is generated from IDS firewalls, along with other security devices.

The present day enterprise model knows no boundaries when it comes to segregating the outsiders and the insiders. In such a situation it becomes imperative that the data center have a controlled layer of security around it. The will help enforce security policy and identity. More importantly it will access management controls over each and every one including the employees, suppliers, customers, and partners. Now this management will happen much before they can access the resources. However for this one must ensure that all the access point to a data center is controlled through a common route.

The administration of patch management, anti-virus, and spam control activities in an organization has a direct impact on its operating performance. For this purpose it is mandatory that technology is incorporated in a compatible form with the help of controls that are related to people and processes. These could be awareness programs, compliance testing, periodic vulnerability scanning, identifying and classifying information assets.

The implementation of an efficient security intelligence gathering process could be another great idea. Great care should be taken to make certain that the technology deployed for patch management not only automates the process of patching but at the same time it also allows for patch rollback.

These are some of the common data center security issues that you face each day. However an effective planning can help you stir through all these difficulties with great ease.