Remote management through Web-based software applications is one of the modern data center management tools. Remote management helps reduce security hassles for the data center and also reduce the chances of human error. This is because the task is performed by software which will not produce as many errors that human resources would. Further less physical access to data center resources translates into improved security.

Most modern data centers are equipped with automated tools that will just about accomplish almost any task related to any aspect of data center management or monitoring. The important thing to consider here is that you can do this from almost anywhere in the world as the software based tools are Web-based.

Modern Data Center Management Tools

Tools for managing cable layout, kvm switches, storage networks, power equipment, cooling, server layout, air conditioning and cooling equipment are all there for the asking. You can even have software applications that help you design the complete data center based on your valuable inputs as to your requirements. Web 2.0 technology is notably being used to advantage in most of these software tools.

Virtualization is a term being bandied about in a big way in the optimal use of data center resources. It is actually a software tool that helps in the effective utilization of available hardware resources with huge cost savings. It provides automatic fallback for under maintenance servers by dynamic reallocation of the workload among other servers and virtual servers.

There are several tools that you can use for monitoring of your storage networks. You can use them for SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) service polling, event management and notification, as also for data collection.

Other such tools are available that configure and monitor sensors used in data centers for security purposes. Some of these tools make use of intrusion detection systems to prevent hacking attacks. Some other tools control and monitor smoke and fire sensors.

There are some other tools that can measure the effect of server addition under the existing layout and inform you whether the data center systems and subsystems can accommodate the additional hardware. Some of the tools also can be used to provide alarms whenever certain systems or subsystems are about to go into failure. This helps you to address the issues and save valuable server uptime.

You can also find some tools that can monitor the environment in data centers and inform if the temperature has gone up beyond the prescribed critical limit. These tools make use of temperature monitors to provide you sensitive temperature related information.

Most of the data center management tools are available from reputed vendors that span Europe and the US. You need to make a good buy by comparing features and prices.