Data Center Equipment Overview

For all those who have been to a data center would have surely noticed the amount of equipment it houses. These data centers are technical setups that accommodate a large amount of data center equipment such as computers and communications equipment. All this equipment is used to handle a wide range of data that is necessary for successful handling of operations. While one company may operate through a single data center, there are even some that have dozens of them at their disposal.


Data is of undisputed importance for almost every business and organizational operation. Considering this importance, it lies in the best interest of an organization that its data center contains high security, functionality and self-maintenance levels. For the data to be stored and retrieved properly it becomes mandatory for an organization to use the right kind of equipment. This is why it is always strongly recommended that one should consult experts before going in for any kind of equipment. You will not only waste money in case you buy the wrong equipment but you will also put the highly valuable data in your data center at risk.

Data Center Equipment

A data center is a complex network of several pieces of equipment. The complexity that comes along with the servers, storage systems and mainframe computers compels a data center owner to keep the physical environment in strict control. Talking of data center equipment, there are several things or equipments that make their place in a data center. These could be anything from a switchboard to an air conditioner to an engine generator. Here are some of the most common equipments that you shall find in every data center.

Air conditioning equipment is something that you are likely to find in each and every data center simply because of the reason that these air conditioners keep the data center unit cool. For a date canter to be functioning properly the temperature must fall somewhere between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Air conditioning in a data center is crucial because the installed components generate heat that can lead to malfunctioning if not cooled down.


The other common equipment is the access flooring. However, you may not find this one in every data center. This access flooring allows for the circulation of air below the floor, as a part of the air conditioning system. At the same time it also makes space for power cables. The uninterrupted power system or the UPS is another common device. This device ensures that there is a continuous power supply even during power cuts. The UPS ensures that the systems don’t shut down unexpectedly and there is no loss of data.

There are several other common data center equipment as well. These include mini mates, engine generators, power distribution units, and switchboards.