Enterprise data management software is the future of every industry

In today’s technology trend, customer data, personnel data, partner data … are the most valuable resources of every business. However, to manage and classify the increasing volume of data information is also a challenge for businesses. Therefore, the solution of using enterprise data management software is currently the priority of most businesses today.

  1. What is the concept of enterprise data management software

Enterprise data management software is the solution for managing all information and operating data of the unit in terms of all aspects from customers, suppliers, personnel situation, capital sources … Through the use of Using data management software, managers, business owners can grasp all information about the situation of the unit. Since then, it will bring out appropriate business strategy.

  1. The role of enterprise data management software

Enterprise data management is not an easy task. If a large company requires a specialized department for processing and statistics of enterprise data. Meanwhile, when using data management software will help businesses save huge resources but still ensure high accuracy.

Data management software brings an overview of the entire enterprise


This is an extremely important criterion for managers to assess the overall status of the unit. Software with its customizations and features will help to classify important and unimportant data as well as funding and resources appropriately.

enterprise data management software


Use data management software with many integrated storage solutions

The larger the scale of the enterprise, the more data storage solutions it needs. At that time, if not using the software, the cost of the system of manpower and machinery would be very high and expensive. Moreover, when there is a need to move data between parts, the platform will face many difficulties and data loss. Enterprises can limit this problem by using specialized software integrated data conversion and storage modules. The advantage of this method is its low cost and higher performance.

Cloud data management software instead of physical server

Enterprise data storage in the cloud is a common trend of both software providers and businesses wishing to use. The advantage of this storage is that it saves the cost of physical servers. You can also easily expand storage capacity, move data without any manual action.

Automation of enterprise data management operations

Automation application of artificial intelligence is the trend is also the future trend of data management software for businesses. Users can automate all their data management tasks on multiple data storage sources through the metadata management system.

  1. Some free data management software for businesses

IMC.ERP software

Enterprise management software IMC.ERP helps to manage enterprise data with small and medium scale a data management solution that is both simple and effective with many different modules and functions. IMC.ERP is a software that brings solutions to manage enterprise data in many aspects including: accounting, human resources, production, customer care …

  • The good point of the IMC.ERP software is to provide management tools Accurate and comprehensive management of the entire business. can customize according to the characteristics of each business, easy financial control, limit inventory, unify workflow, closely manage sales, data is centralized, create quick reports and exactly…
  • IMC.ERP supports businesses in managing accounting and finance issues, which are the most important core data for each enterprise; module of import and export management, control of goods according to regulations, date of import; management of fixed assets, equipment, depreciation properties. Currently to manage accounting issues, most businesses are using MISA accounting software with many management functions for businesses and especially MISA accounting software with a confidentiality regime.

Manage enterprise data more effectively with OpenERP software

OpenERP is open source software suitable for small business units to store data information.

  • The most outstanding advantage of ERP is the ability to support building various customized modules. OpenERP software concentrates all data from each module into a common data management facility to make it easier for individual parts to share information with each other even in different locations. In addition, in ERP solutions, OpenERP software also creates a variety of visual reports that support quick decision making.
  • OpenERP ERP software allows online use, which helps managers capture information and control the company’s business daily effectively even when absent. Along with that, OpenERP also supports many platforms and is easier to use than many other current software.
  • OpenERP software is built based on standard processes (which can be changed according to specific requirements), clearly defining business processes, helping to clearly assign / assign tasks and reduce confusion. on issues related to the daily operational activities of enterprises.

AVE enterprise data management software

AVE enterprise data management software (Anh Viet Enterprise) uses the latest advanced technology today, supports multimedia, helps the software possess many features, utilities, good interoperability with other software. AVE is an integrated solution that helps manage businesses with a strong focus on the following factors: inheritance, cohesion, and binding. AVE software applies many of the most advanced advanced technologies today to bring high security and safety for company data.

  • AVE performs consulting, designing and developing and deploying high quality management software solutions. AVE offers large systems, server support, storage support and built-in integrated solutions, providing integrated hardware, software, and data acquisition systems. and databases, network updates and information system security.
  • AVE provides equipment such as PC, printer, computer components, consulting services, computer training, installation, warranty, repair of network information systems, computers …
  • AVE advises, designs, develops and implements quality software High in the field of operating support information systems. Providing scientific and technical services, consulting and technology transfer in the field of communication, processing and business development of computer software solutions, providing information technology services.